Lomanco Turbines Set for Pitched Roofs 14"

Set of BIB14 turbine + universal base - an ideal solution for pitched roofs. Universal bases are suitable for clay-tiled roofs or profiled metal roofs. The flexible strip at the front follows the shape of the roof and perfectly fits all types of roofing tiles.

Lomanco Turbines Set for Pitched Roofs 14"

Features & Benefits

  • 14" neck diameter
  • Available in brown and black
  • Flexible base
  • Easy installation
  • Adjusts to 0° - 45° roof pitch


Calculating ventilation

Ventilated area Units needed
8 km/h 710 m³/h
13 km/h 1200 m³/h
24 km/h 2250 m³/h
Wind speed Exhausted air (m/3)
0-90 m2 2
> 90 m2 2
> 140 m2 2
> 185 m2 3
> 230 m2 3

Pitched roof

Pitched image

In the box

  • Turbine head
  • Adjustable neck
  • Universal base
  • Screws
  • Installation Guide

Our tip

Ideal for clay-tiled roofs or profiled metal roofs.
Brown: RAL 8017
Black: RAL 9005

Lifetime Warranty

All Lomanco products come with a Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is transferable from the original owner to subsequent owners and applies to residential use only. Commercial use is covered by a 15 year warranty. We provide a standard 2 year warranty on all the accessories.

Price list

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Installation Guide
Lomanco - pitched roof ventilation
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Documents for download

Installation Guide BIB and BEB turbine
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