Lomanco Turbines Set EVL3410 + BEB14

Auxiliary ventilators are used to guarantee or increase the turbine’s immediate output during adverse weather conditions or poor current performance. The ventilators are not designed for continuous operation, instead they serve to intensify ventilation. EVL sets are equipped with connecting necks for easy installation and an extra durable, externally braced BEB 14" turbine. It is recommended to place the ventilator below the neck or extension part, not directly under the turbine. The volume flow rate is up to 3410 m3/h.

Lomanco Turbines Set EVL3410 + BEB14
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Features & Benefits

  • System combining an auxiliary electric ventilator and an externally braced 14" turbine
  • High quality electric ventilator EBM Papst
  • Supplied with electrical box for easy installation
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Volumetric flow rate 3410 m3/h
  • Optional sensor connectivity (humidity, CO2, PIR) or timer
  • Popular solution for apartment houses


Nominal voltage 230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Speed 2700
Max. input power 230 W
Max. back pressure 200 Pa
Max. ambient temp. -40°C to +80°C
Sound pressure level 73 dB (A)
Air flow 3410 m³/h
Type of protection IP 44

In the box

  • Reinforced turbine BEB14
  • Adjustable neck
  • Electric ventilator
  • Octagonal base
  • Screws
  • Installation Guide

Our tip

Why use Lomanco turbines instead of a central electric ventilator?

The current system usually installed in apartment buildings uses a central electric ventilator for ventilation. The central electric ventilator is controlled from each flat. A vent switched on in one flat puts forced ventilation into operation in all the flats connected to the ventilation shaft. Activating a central ventilator is noisy and resonates on every floor. Another disadvantage is the fact that the electric ventilator can be switched on at any time of the day or night. Other major drawbacks include frequent breakdowns and the need for maintenance.

Lifetime Warranty

All Lomanco products come with a Lifetime Warranty. The warranty is transferable from the original owner to subsequent owners and applies to residential use only. Commercial use is covered by a 15 year warranty. We provide a standard 2 year warranty on all the accessories.

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Installation Guide
Installation Guide BIB and BEB turbine
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Documents for download

Datasheet - EVL3410
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Installation Guide TIB and TEB turbine
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RIBA Approved Presentation - Wind Powered Ventilation
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