VILPE 110P/IS/350 Ventilation Pipe + Cowl

Insulated ventilation pipe with a cowl. A pass-through according to the roofing material is required separately. Duct size Ø 110 mm, height above roof approx. 300 mm.

VILPE 110P/IS/350 Ventilation Pipe + Cowl

Product Description

An insulated ventilation pipe does not freeze in subzero temperatures, so that foul air can be exhausted from the sewer in the winter so that it does not cause smell problems. The insulated ventilation pipe is 350 or 500 mm high with an inside diameter of 110 mm and outside diameter of 160 mm. The ventilation pipe is available with or without a cowl. The height of the cowl is approx. 150 mm. The screws for installing the pipe to the roof pass-through set are included.

In addition to the pipe, a pass-through set is needed, chosen according to the roofing, and, if required, a flex pipe for easy connection of the ventilation pipe to the sewer pipe.


Dimension image
Black - RAL9005 741402
Brown - RAL8019 741404
Green - RAL6020 741406
Grey - RAL7015 741407
Red - RAL3009 741408
Brick Red - RAL8004 741409

In the box

  • Ventilation pipe
  • Screws
  • Cowl

Price list

VILPE Price List
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Installation Guide
Instalation, operating and maintanance instructions
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