VILPE 125S 250x250 Exhaust Vent

Exhaust vent for a flat surface. Duct size Ø 125 mm, installation set 250 x 250 mm. The installation area must be at least the same size.

VILPE 125S 250x250 Exhaust Vent
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Product Description

The S-series roof fans and exhaust vents are designed to be installed in the ventilation shaft, onto a silencer or in or other horizontal surface. Thus, they are also suitable for gently sloping roofs. The S-roof fans and S-exhaust vents are used, for example, in blocks of flats and terraced houses, when flat-specific ventilation is required. The S-series roof fan can also be used for modifying an old natural ventilation system into a mechanical one during renovation.


Dimension image
Black - RAL9005 741802
Brown - RAL8019 741804
Green - RAL6020 741806
Grey - RAL7015 741807
Red - RAL3009 741808
Brick Red - RAL8004 741809

In the box

  • Exhaust vent
  • Installation set
  • Adapter
  • Screws

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Installation Guide
Instalation guide S-series all sizes
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